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Root Pictures

This concept divides each octave of the fretboard into seven playing positions. In the system, all scales, intervals, arpeggios, and basic voicings are available in any of the seven positions. (There are exceptions along the way - just like any system - but these are usually accomplished slight fingering alterations, change in register, or through a temporary left-hand stretch.)


The first thing to know is that the mapping of these forms is governed by the root of the chord/scale/arpeggio. Learning how each note falls across the fretboard and which fingers are used to play them will establish a strong foundation on which we can build our system. The example below maps the note 'F' onto the fretboard:

Form Fret

I 1st

II 3rd

III 5th

IV 6th

V 8th

VI 10th

VII 12th


*N.B. The frets for III and IV are the same but the fingering is different.


Although they seem to be presented horizontally across the neck, soon we will actually find ways of using these pictures in one position.


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